Gaga Goes to Met Game, Doesn't Act Like a Lady

Mets fans don't go gaga.

Being fashionably late may be good for parties, afterparties and even certain movies -- but as Lady Gaga found out,  it's not good to show up late to Citi Field.

She got booed.

Gaga showed up to the afternoon Mets game versus the San Diego Padres in the fifth inning were she sat in some prime seats behind home plate. But when fans and photographers covering the game spotted her, she started to draw all of the attention.

The platinum selling artist then asked to be moved to a more “comfortable spot”  -- before being showered by "Bronx cheers" from the Queens crowd.

Then the Lady, a self-professed Yankees fan, showed the Mets faithful exactly what she thought of them.

The lady in a move reminiscent of former Yankee Pitcher Jack “Blackjack” McDowell, Gaga flashed the fans and the shutterbugs her middle finger letting them know what she thought.

Lady Gaga responded Friday afternoon by tweeting, "A middle finger is more New York than a corporate ambush. I bleed for my hometown, and I'd die for my fans."

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