New York Nintendo Fans Disappointed After Waiting Overnight for Switch, NES Classic Edition Release

Nintendo fans waited in chilly temperatures outside the New York City store overnight only to find nothing they wanted was available.

A line of about 30 people had formed outside the video game company's New York outlet at Rockefeller Plaza by 9 a.m. Thursday.

Some were waiting to put their names down on a presale list to buy the new Nintendo Switch console, mistakenly thinking it opened at 9 a.m.

Others were in line to pick up the latest drop of the limited edition NES Classic Edition, of which it turned out the store had none. 

David Ribera started the line at 10.30 p.m. Wednesday night hoping to put his name down for the Switch and buy a NES Classic. He'd been outside the store all night. 

Robert Arthur, a gamer since he "was in diapers", had been waiting since 6 a.m. for the doors to open.

"Hopefully I'll be able to reserve the Switch earlier than everyone else, see a presentation and then just relax until March," he said. The new console is not due to launch until then.

As the clock struck 9 a.m. the growing line was met with an anticlimactic moment as the store clerk unlocked the door and fans were advised they had no NES Classics to sell and presales for the Switch didn't open until the following morning.

Ribera was defiant. "I'm not going nowhere," he said.

He planned to wait overnight again for the Switch preorders Friday morning.

Meanwhile staff in the Nintendo store said they had "no idea" why there was a line outside the store this morning.

Nintendo fans were advised to check the store's Twitter account for release information.

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