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Look Inside New York's First Dog Cafe

You no longer have to leave man's best friend out on the sidewalk when you get your morning coffee.

Boris & Horton, New York's first dog cafe, opened last month in the East Village. The idea was born from a love of dogs and coffee, and now the dog cafe is attracting furry friends and their parents in packs.

Owners Logan Miklhy (Horton’s mom) and Coppy Holzman (Boris’ dad) said they always struggled when grabbing a bite to eat on their morning commute with their furry friends. They felt a dog restaurant could make life easier. “We saw the cat cafe and knew there was a way to make it all work [for dogs],” Miklhy said.

But due to Department of Health laws, dogs cannot be in a place where food is served. Eater reports that, in a deal with the Department of Health, Boris & Horton navigated the rules by creating a street takeaway window to order food and drink, an indoor seating area where dogs can go but food cannot be ordered, and a regular cafe area separated by plexiglass where dogs are not allowed. The restaurant cannot serve food where dogs are, but people can order food and bring it into the designated area with their dogs.

In practice, bring your dog to Boris & Horton, grab a snack at the outdoor coffee window and then head in the side door where you and your pup can hang with other dogs and their owners. Those who come without a dog at their side can go through the front door (humans only entrance) and drink coffee and eat toast with fellow humans while viewing dogs through the window. If the dogs are too cute to keep away, go hang out in the dog room for some puppy company.

How do the owners maintain control in a cafe with humans and animals? Boris & Horton has some house rules to follow: dogs must remain on leashes and all staff are trained to diffuse doggy disputes.

Boris & Horton have upcoming events for this month as well. February 11 will be adoption day. The café will bring in adoptable dogs in from an animal rescue center. On Valentines Day’s Boris & Horton is bringing in adoptable pit bulls for a “Pitty Party”. Single dog-lovers should bring dogs or if you were looking for a new friend on Valentine’s Day the pit bulls would love to offer some kisses.

Who knows, your dog could be a great way to break the ice with others.

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