Cop Tells NJ Teens to Stop Seeking Snow Shoveling Jobs During Blizzard

Two enterprising teens who were looking to make some money shoveling snow ran afoul of Gov. Christie's state of emergency declaration banning travel by non-emergency vehicles and were told by police to stop.

Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, boyhood friends gunning for extra college cash, were driving around their Bound Brook neighborhood during the winter storm Monday night, handing out fliers advertising their availability to shovel snow.

"The roads were fine enough to go out and drive," Schnepf said, adding he had "no idea" about the travel ban.

Police Chief Michael Jannone said a resident reported a suspicious person and authorities responded. The boys were stopped, questioned and reminded of the emergency declaration. They were also told about the town's solicitation ordinance, but Jannone says that's not why they were stopped.

The officer's concern was about the teens' safety, not that they weren't licensed to solicit business, Jannone said. He encouraged them to try again when the state of emergency was lifted, according to the police chief.

The teens managed to line up five jobs, earning $25 to $40 a house. 

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