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NJ Shoplifting Suspects Speed Away From Mall, Drag Guard With Them: Police

What to Know

  • A security guard from a Lord & Taylor at Willobrook Mall was dragged while trying to stop shoplifters from driving away
  • He suffered a concussion and cuts but is expected to survive the injuries he sustained in the Nov. 30 confrontation
  • The three women suspected of shoplifting could now face aggravated assault charges

Police are looking for the suspected mall shoplifters who dragged a New Jersey security guard as he tried to recover merchandise from their SUV last month, authorities said.

Authorities said a guard for the Lord & Taylor in Willowbrook Mall in Wayne Township confronted three women in the mall’s parking lot Thursday afternoon after he got word they may have stolen items.

At some point, the women got in the car and took off with the guard clinging to the door.

Footage from the scene shows the man holding on for dear life as the white SUV swings around a row of parked cars. When the vehicle finishes the turn, the man loses his balance and grip and falls to the ground.

He hits the the concrete back-first; his head also bounces on the ground. Then, he can be seen lying motionless on the ground as the SUV speeds away.

The guard had a concussion and a minor cut, authorities said.

The trio -- who may have only faced shoplifting charges -- could be charged with aggravated assault, according to authorities.

Anyone with information about the women should call the Wayne Police Department at 973-694-0600.

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