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New Jersey Girl Sydney Phillips Makes Triumphant Return to the Court After Battle Over Playing on Boys Basketball Team

What to Know

  • Sydney Phillips and her family sued St. Theresa's School in Kenilworth after she wasn't allowed a shot to play on the boys basketball team
  • She and her sister were expelled, but an appellate judge ruled the girls must be let back.
  • The courts ruled Sydney should be allowed to play, and on Sunday she played her first game with the boys' team

A New Jersey seventh grader made a triumphant return to the hardwood with her school's boys basketball team Sunday after her parents won a court case against the 12-year-old's school on her right to play.

Sydney Phillips was told by St. Theresa's School in Kenilworth, New Jersey, that she could not play on the boys basketball team even though the girls team had been dropped for the season.

After her parents sued the school over the decision, Sydney and her younger sister arrived at school in early February to find they had been expelled.

A judge ruled that the girls should not be prevented from going to school, and then Sydney also won the right to play ball with the boys.

St. Theresa's played St. Genevieve Sunday and made two baskets, to rapturous applause from the watching crowds.

Despite her hard work on the court, St Theresa's lost the game.

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