New Evidence May Exonerate 5 Men Convicted of Murder

Federal prosecutors say "the evidence is overwhelming" that the men are innocent.

In a new memo obtained as part of a Dateline-WNBC investigation, federal prosecutors say "highly questionable testimony" led to the conviction of five men for the murder of a Bronx cab driver 17-years ago.

Federal prosecutors also say "the evidence is overwhelming" that the men are innocent.

Eric Glisson, one of the five men convicted for the crime has been saying he was innocent all along. 

"I wouldn't believe that I would be convicted of a crime that I didn't do," the 37-year-old said in an exclusive TV interview inside Sing Sing prison. "You're hoping and praying that they will realize their mistake. You're waiting for this guard to come and open up that gate and tell you we made a mistake, and you're free to go home."

Glisson's lawyer, Peter cross, says Glisson's incarceration has been hardest on his teenage daughter.

"She had to go to school and grow up with family and friends thinking maybe her dad's a murderer," Cross said. "He knew he wasn't, but what could he do about it?"

The murder took place in the Soundview section of the Bronx in 1995, a time when crime rates in the city were sky high. Federal prosecutors now believe two gang members are the ones who robbed and shot the driver of the livery cab. Glisson named the two men in a letter he wrote to federal prosecutors earlier this year.

While federal prosectors seem convinced that Glisson has fingered the true killers, the Bronx district attorney's office says questions raised by new evidence in the case remain unresolved.

"We certainly believe that a serious issue like this must be resolved as soon as possible," said a spokesman from the Bronx district attorney's Office.

Still, no timetable has been announced, and Glisson, along with the other four men, must wait to find out if they will ever get their day in court.

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