Charges to Be Dropped Against Naked Times Square Model Who Yelled About Donald Trump

Charges are expected to be dropped against the fashion model who was seen ranting in the nude about Donald Trump while atop the red TKTS stairs in Times Square last month if he continues to be treated by a psychiatrist.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office said that the charges against 21-year-old Krit McClean will be dismissed in six months if he continues to seek help for what prosecutors said was the first and only manic episode of his life. 

According to the New York Post, which first reported the decision, McClean's actions in Times Square on July 1 were the result of a seven-day manic episode where his perception of reality was distorted. McClean, a Columbia University student, also said that he had been diagnosed with a "genetic predisposition for manic episodes."

“I respect the court’s desire to understand what triggered my actions, and would like to thank the NYPD officers for their patience in handling the situation," he told the Post.

McClean was seen in videos and photos posted to social media gesturing wildly and pacing outside the railing at the top of the stairs overtop the ticket booth as several police crowded around. 

He appeared to be ranting as he held his hands up in the air, and at one point in Periscope footage he appeared to lunge at police officers in tactical gear.

After a brief standoff with police, McClean tried to run off. But he fell 16 feet off the top of the booth and hit the asphalt, barely missing a blow-up mat that police had placed to bring him to safety.

He broke his arm and cut his elbow in the fall. He screamed and moaned as rescuers took him to the hospital, where he was treated for both his injuries and the psychotic episode.

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