MetroCard Fare Hike Likely After MTA Votes Next Week: Sources

What to Know

  • The board is expected to vote on the proposed hike in January
  • It would be the MTA's fifth fare hike since 2009
  • The last round of hikes took effect in March 2015

The MTA will likely vote to raise the base MetroCard fare from $2.75 to $3 when they meet next Wednesday, NBC 4 New York has learned.

Under the new fare structure, subway riders who pay for round-trips would get an additional bonus, up from the current 11 percent. 

The vote is scheduled for Wednesday, and the fare hike would take effect in March. 

It would be the agency's fifth round of fare hikes since 2009. The last round of hikes took effect in March 2015.

The subway fare hike was the one the MTA finance chairman recommended last November.Under that same plan, a monthly Metrocard would increase from $116.50 to $121, while a weekly card would go up just a dollar, to $32. Express bus fares would be $7.

An alternate proposal would have kept the base fare the same at $2.75, but bonuses would be reduced to 5 percent. It is currently 11 percent on purchases of $5.50 or more. The price of a monthly would have also risen under this proposal. 

Last fall, MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast said "our belt tightening days are far from over," adding the agency would exceed $1.6 billion in cost savings through administrative cuts. 

The MTA's full subway and bus proposal as presented last November: 

Fare Type


Plan A

Plan B

Base MetroCard Fare/ Local Bus Cash Fare





11% with $5.50 purchase

5% with $5.50 purchase

16% with $6.00 purchase

Effective Fare with Bonus




Single Ride Ticket (base MetroCard/Cash Fare plus 25 cents)




Express Bus Fare


   MetroCard with Bonus










30-Day MetroCard




7-Day MetroCard




7-Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard




Access-a-Ride Fare




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