New York

These Are the Most Popular Super Bowl Foods in the Tri-State, Data Shows

At Super Bowl parties, one thing is more likely to bring people together more than anything else: delicious food. Football snacks are a staple at any Super Bowl get together, and everyone has their favorites.

To commemorate the Big Game happening in Minneapolis, a research team at General Mills has compiled a list of the most popular Super Bowl recipes by state. The team collected data pulled from, and

In Connecticut, the No. 1 searched recipe is slow cooker chicken wings.

New Yorkers also search for wings recipes most often, except, not surprisingly, they opt for Buffalo wings.

As far as New Jersey goes, football fans are likely to be eating chili during the Super Bowl, according to the data.

Most of the popularly searched recipes are cold weather comfort foods like sliders and beef stew. Other recipes reflect the flavors of a specific region, like crab au gratin in Louisiana.

According to the data collected, the most popular Super Bowl recipes in the country are sausage cheese balls, Chex mix and Buffalo wings. The three foods tied for first in the study.

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