“Lovin' It” Too Much: McDonald's in Standoff With Elderly Who Stay for Hours

The restaurant says the group of seniors just won't leave

Some elderly New Yorkers are taking a slow approach to fast food at a Queens McDonald's, where police have been called on the group because they allegedly spend all day socializing at the restaurant and won't leave.
The sign on the door of the McDonald's in Flushing says customers should limit their visits to 20 minutes.
But the franchisee says a group of seniors shows up every day and takes up table space for hours, all while ordering very little food. Police have been called there on occasion.
One customer says it's an exaggeration to say they stay too long.
"He say people stay whole day, that's wrong, that's a lie," said Roger Kim, who spent about two hours enjoying a meal and a newspaper at the McDonald's on Wednesday.
A security guard who patrols outside says he is sometimes asked to order them out, but says they never give him a problem.
The franchisee, Jack Bert, tells NBC 4 New York that "any business would find this situation to be difficult when customers prevent other customers from enjoying the restaurant."
"We continue to work to resolve this situation," Bert said.
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