Manhole Explodes Steps from NYC Day Care as Parents Pick Up Kids

A manhole exploded in the Bronx Monday, just steps away from where parents were picking up their kids from a day care, video shows. 

The manhole blast happened about 20 steps from the Capirolandia Group Daycare in Morrisania, and video shows just how quickly the sleepy Bronx street became a blast zone as a manhole cover is blown to metal pieces, raining down on the pavement seconds later. 

Day care volunteer Joseline Nieves said they were getting the kids ready for dismissal, and video shows a boy swinging on the front gate at the day care, waiting to walk home with his mother and her stroller -- and then the manhole explodes 25 seconds later.

"It was like firecrackers, like a whole bunch of them at the same time," said Nieves. "Really, really close, like it was close to your ear." 

From another angle of the video, a black sedan pulls up and freezes -- but the blast stops the driver in his or her tracks. And a pedestrian is seen crossing Cauldwell Avenue just seconds before the explosion rips through the manhole cover.

No one was hurt.

"God was behind everything. Everybody was safe," said Nieves. 

It's not clear what caused the blast. A message has been left with Con Edison. 

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