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Man Tries to Rape Mother in Walgreens Bathroom: NYPD

A Bronx Walgreens manager came to the rescue of a mother after a man tried to rape her in a bathroom of the pharmacy, police say.

The NYPD released video Friday of the man suspected of trying to rape the woman in the Walgreens on White Plains Road in the Wakefield neighborhood.

The 50-year-old woman was inside a single-person bathroom at the back of the store Thursday afternoon when the man came barging in and grabbed her, police say.

The man pushed her to the ground and covered her mouth as he tried to take her pants off, according to police.

The manager of the store heard the screams and ran to the bathroom, where he pulled the man off the woman. The suspect then ran out of the store.

Witnesses say the woman was with her boy and infant and that the children may have been in the store when the attack unfolded.

“I see she was holding her kids, and she was shaking,” witness Tina Page said. “She was holding tight to them and scared. She was crying.”

Other shoppers watched as a shaken woman walked out of the pharmacy. Page described a lot of commotion and panic as the woman was leaving the store.

“She was screaming she wanted pepper spray,” Page said. “She was calling her family.”

Walgreens would not comment on the attack and would not let the manager speak on camera.

Police say the man is in his 30s and that he was last seen running away from the pharmacy on White Plains Road.

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