Man Eyed in NYPD Aide Murder Found Dead Between Cars in Brooklyn: Cops

The woman who was shot in the head, who had been a civilian member of the NYPD for more than a decade, died, while her neighbor, shot twice in the torso after going to check on her, is hospitalized, police say

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A man suspected of murdering a longtime civilian member of the NYPD who was found shot in the head in her Queens apartment Monday -- and shooting a neighbor who went to check on her -- was found dead in Brooklyn by apparent suicide, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Pedro Cintron, 55, had been publicly identified as the man wanted in the killing of 51-year-old Migdalia Ortega, who was found shot in her third-floor apartment on Fresh Pond Road, near Palmetto Street, in Ridgewood on Monday. A 48-year-old neighbor who went upstairs to check on Ortega after hearing commotion was also shot -- twice.

Cintron was found dead between two cars on McKibbin Street in Brooklyn early Wednesday, police said. They said he had been seen pacing back and forth while holding a gun before he put it to his head and fired.

A longtime civilian member of the NYPD who was found shot in the head in a Queens apartment Monday has died, while a downstairs neighbor who was hit by gunfire when she went to check on her remains hospitalized, authorities say.

Cintron was the boyfriend of Ortega, and police have said the woman's death appears to have stemmed from some sort of domestic incident. She worked in information technology at NYPD headquarters for 11 years and had relatives on the force.

The neighbor Cintron allegedly shot is expected to survive, though she suffered bullet wounds to her abdomen and her shoulder and remains hospitalized, police have said.

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