Facade Buckles on Side of Manhattan Building: FDNY

Firefighters are working to shore up a facade that appears to be buckling on the side of a building in Manhattan.

No injuries were reported at the East Village location, The St. Mark co-op building at 115 East 9th Street, officials said.

The FDNY said someone noticed a 10-by-10 foot section of the facade starting to separate from the building on the 15th floor and called authorities Wednesday evening. 

Three apartments were evacuated, and firefighters built a temporary wooden brace to keep bricks from falling on the 14th through 16th floors. They later brought in a boom truck to make a more permanent fix.

A nanny who works in one of the apartments that was evacuated said firefighters came in and "just did what they had to do." 

City building inspectors were also called to the scene.

Public records from the Department of Buildings show there are 14 open violations at the site, including one for facade safety. 

A contractor who put up a scaffold there told NBC 4 New York the company had been awaiting permits to do brick work. 

David Kahn, a realtor who's had listings in the building, said it's not the first time he's heard of facade issues there. 

"If a big chunk falls out, that's dangerous, even if you have scaffolding," said Kahn. 

The 20-story building was constructed in 1965, according to property records.

Third Avenue between East 10th Street and St. Mark's Place, and East 9th Street between Third Avenue and Cooper are closed as authorities respond.

The city Office of Emergency Management initially said they were looking into a report of bricks falling, but fire officials say no bricks actually fell. 

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