Local College Student Hasn't Been Seen Since Jan. 20

Dad says she usually calls three or four times a day

Where is Erica Desai?

The 19-year-old St. John's freshman hasn't been heard from since Jan. 20.

She flew back to New York from a visit with family in North Carolina, and was scheduled to be picked up at Laguardia Airport by a cousin.

But she never claimed her luggage and hasn't called the family in 10 days. Her father said she usually calls home three or four times a day. her mother is just trying to get through the days.

"It's so unbearable," she said. "I cannot sleep. I hear her voice all the time. It is rally heartbreaking and my heart is still falling apart."

The NYPD is treating this as a missing-persons case. But a police source has said Desai was having academic troubles and other unspecified troubles around campus. Investigators are considering foul play as an explanation for her disappearance, but they're not ruling out the possibility that Desai could be a runaway.

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