Traffic Back to Normal at Lincoln Tunnel

Residual delays from an afternoon accident in the Lincoln Tunnel are snarling the evening rush in both tunnels

Traffic is back to normal at the Lincoln Tunnel after two separate crashes, and delays at the Holland are down to 15 to 20 minutes. 

There were two-hour delays for commuters looking to take the Holland and Lincoln tunnels to New Jersey during rush hour on Monday evening.

The delays resulted from a midday crash in the Lincoln Tunnel, in which as many as eight cars collided in the center tube of the tunnel. The Lincoln Tunnel had as many as four major accidents today. 

An early morning crash in New Jersey closed part of the tunnel to Manhattan-bound traffic, causing delays of up to two hours.

In that accident, an NJ Transit bus and a Martz bus collided in an express bus lane on Route 495 in Weehawken, an approach that leads to the Lincoln Tunnel.  Traffic was snarled in both directions and some Manhattan-bound commuters reported two-hour delays.

One rider said that frustrated bus riders got off NJ Transit buses and started walking, tweeting a photo as evidence.

Seventeen people were injured in the crash, two seriously, according to officials.

A lane on the outbound side of the tunnel, which is used during the morning rush for Manhattan-bound buses, was shut down for more than 90 minutes.


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