New Jersey Man Accused of Giving Unwanted Foot Massages to Pool Lifeguards

 A 19-year-old man is facing harassment charges after police say he touched lifeguards’ feet at a pair of New Jersey pools on Monday.

The man was arrested after the pair of unwanted massages at pools in South Brunswick and in Franklin Township, South Brunswick police say.

In the first encounter, at the Nassau Square Clubhouse Pool, a teenage lifeguard said that the man came and sat down next to her while she was on duty. He then began rubbing her feet and told her that he was starting a foot massage company.

The teenage girl told the man to stop or she was going to call the police, officials said. The suspect then left the pool.

Police said the girl didn’t report the harassment because she didn’t think the man would come back. She described the encounter as “weird.”

The man was later arrested a few hours later after the man was caught allegedly rubbing lifeguards’ feet at a pool in Franklin, police say.

The man was released with a desk appearance ticket.

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