New Jersey

After Power Problems and a Dead Man Highlight Week of Delays, MTA Reminds Subway Riders They Can Get Excuse Notes

Between power outages, signal problems and a dead man on a train, it's been a rough week for subway riders in the city. And, apparently conscious of burgeoning commuter frustration over those issues and the ongoing drama at Penn Station, the MTA is reminding customers it offers excuse notices. 

New York City Transit's verified Twitter account for subway information tweeted the late-note reminder around 9 a.m. Friday, amid extensive delays police said were due to a dead man being found on an A train at Jay Street in Brooklyn. 

Subway riders made late to work, school or other time-sensitive appointments can request an excuse note from the MTA here.  

The MTA form isn't new, but it comes amid a particularly challenging week for subway riders. There was the dead man on the train during rush hour Friday, according to police, and power problems earlier in the week that wrought havoc on commutes and weekend rides for tens of thousands of people.  

NJ Transit, plagued by ongoing Amtrak work at Penn Station after a series of derailments, signal problems and breakdowns, announced late last month that it too would begin offering excuse notes to commuters.

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