Kars4Kids Accused of Using Staten Island Synagogue to Hide Money: Report

The charity Kars4Kids has been accused of using a Staten Island synagogue to hide money from the IRS, according to a New York Post report.

The newspaper reported that court filings submitted last week alleged that Congregation Oorah, a religious nonprofit founded by Kars4Kids, was being used as a shield for the larger charity "to put their more questionable financial dealings through an entity that would not be subject to the same public scrutiny."

According to the IRS, relgious charities are not subject to the same disclosure rules and oversight as other nonprofits. 

The filing appears to be the latest salvo in a legal battle between Congregation Oorah and Young Israel of Eltingville, which operates at the same address.

In earlier court filings, Congregation Oorah alleged that Young Israel owed $1 million. 

The legal battle between the two groups began in 2007, the Post reports. That's when Oorah took over the deed for Young Israel's building, renovated the space and began operating a school on the premises.

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