Jets Owner at Romney Fundraiser: You Try to Win Them All

Woody Johnson knows a whole lot about fighting through tough losses.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has some words of encouragement for Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential candidate seeks to rebound from disappointing losses in Mississippi and Alabama.

"Like winning football games, you want to win 'em all, you try to win them all and if you don't win 'em all you think of how you could have done better," Johnson said Wednesday as he headed into a Romney fundraising lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan.

Johnson, a strong Romney backer who knows quite a bit about tough losses himself, was asked about the Republican's state of mind following Tuesday's losses and the campaign's direction before the fundraiser.

"Maybe there are some things we could've, gotten the message out in a more, you know, convincing way," Johnson said of the campaign. "But we're doing our best and I think, I know he's doing the best he can and I think he's done a good job."

The Romney campaign is expected to raise about $2 million at three New York fundraising events this week, John Catsimatidis, a Romney donor who is hosting the Waldorf event, told USA Today.

Several hundred Occupy Wall Street protesters targeted the Waldorf fundraiser, chanting that he "is the 1 percent!"

The next primary is set for March 17 in Missouri.

Johnson may support Romney for the presidential nomination, but when it comes to football, quarterback Mark Sanchez is his man.

The team signed Sanchez to a three-year extension earlier this week amid widespread speculation the franchise would be better off courting free agent Peyton Manning. The future hall-of-famer was released by the Colts last week.

"We passed on him," Johnson said. "Sanchez is not leaving. We've got a pretty good tether. We've got five years. We like Mark."

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