New Jersey Homeowner Takes to Facebook to Shame Woman Who Stole Packages from Front Door

Police in a New Jersey community are warning residents to be extra alert for package thieves around this time of year.

Woodbridge resident Jason Terranova became one of the first victims of the package thefts this holiday season on Wednesday. Surveillance cameras captured a dark sedan rolling by his home, then pulling over and backing up. A woman jumps out, takes a package and then returns for a second box before driving off. 

Terranova said he thought at first the person on the video may have been from a third-party company outsourced by Amazon but when he called them, he was told there was no such delivery. 

"So I went back and looked at the video, and noticed that it was somebody taking my boxes," he said. 

Police in Woodbridge say they get a handful of reports of such holiady package thefts this time of year. Residents should be vigilant when packages are coming and avoid leaving them out in plain sight if possible. 

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