Heiress-Supermodel-Socialite-Journalist Drops Magazine Gig

Lydia Hearst claims NY Post's Page Six was writing things for her

She may be a few generations removed from publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, but Lydia Hearst is getting out of the news business. The celebutante is dropping her job as a "reporter" for Page Six magazine, after she accused the tabloid glossy of ghostwriting a column and slapping her name on it.

The blonde socialite claimed that the Post published an update of her "The Hearst Chronicles" column over the weekend, in which she purportedly criticized the Hearst clan for living the high life while the publishing company of the same name was shutting down magazines and canceling holiday parties.

Hearst maintains that she really doesn't care about magazine employees at all, and she wouldn't criticize her wealthy brethren in print. Out of principle, she resigned as a "Freelance Journalist" from the paper.

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