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New York Park Using Goats to Tackle Invasive Plants

There’s a new method of weed whacking in Prospect Park and it is all natural and eco-friendly. 

Four new goats have been let loose on Lookout Hill to gobble up all the invasive plants running amok in the park. Two of the four goats are Nubian brothers named Eyebrows and Horatio. The others are an Alpine goat named Swiss Cheese and a Nigerian Pygmy goat named Lilabelle.

The park has utilized the weed-eating goats in the past, but this time the goats are covering more treacherous terrain. Lookout Hill is steep and would likely cause humans to fall when clearing out the hill, but the goats are professionals when it comes to this type of challenge.

After Sandy, trees were lost and the lack of shade made way for pest plants like poison ivy to sprout up. Once the goats clear out the poisonous plants, that are safe for them to eat, and the other invasive weeds, workers will replant trees and other non-harmful plants on the hill.

The working goats are scientifically monitored in efforts to figure out how many times the weeds need to be pulled out to be fully eradicated. 

Find out more about the Prospect Park goats here.

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