4 Injured After Driver of Stolen SUV Slams Another Car

Four people were transported to area hospitals after the driver of a stolen SUV slammed into another car, sending debris into the air before careening into a mother and child on a nearby sidewalk, police said.

The stolen Chevy Tahoe was traveling north on Remsen Street in East Flatbush when it blew through a red light and crashed into a Pathfinder near the intersection of Rutland Road, authorities said.

The Pathfinder was then forced into the yard of a nearby house after the impact, police said. The driver of the Pathfinder was taken to Brookdale Hospital with a head injury.

The collision between the Pathfinder and the Tahoe sent debris into the air, which struck a 10-month-old baby in a stroller and a nanny as they walked on a sidewalk near the crash.

The baby was taken to Kings County Hospital with a head injury, authorities said. The nanny accompanied the child to the hospital, but did not need immediate medical attention, police said.

After the crash, the stolen Tahoe careened to another corner and struck a mother and a 2-year-old child. 

The two were taken to Kings County Hospital, where the mother is listed in critical condition, police said. The young child is expected to be okay. 

Witnesses described a chaotic scene. 

"When I went over there her eyes were open," said Eric Wiseman. "Blood was coming out of her head."

Police said they were following the SUV after it blew through the red light. They didn't say if it was a pursuit or chase. 

Police took the driver of the stolen Tahoe into custody at the scene, authorities said. He's believed to be a teenager.

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