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NYC Runner Sidelined by Hit-Run on Mission to Find Driver Who Fled

Jennifer Wood exclusively spoke to News 4 about that day she went out on a jog, when a car hit her and sped away

What to Know

  • An avid runner in New York City is on the hunt for the hit-and-run driver who slammed into her, injuring her
  • The crime that happened in Brooklyn played out on surveillance video that she obtained near the intersection in Fort Greene
  • Jennifer Wood was left with broken bones and so far no arrests have been made

A runner in Brooklyn is on a mission to find the driver who hit her with their car and then took off and she is hoping her detective works pays off.

It was a crime that was all caught on a frightening video earlier this month at an intersection near Fulton Street and Ashland Place in Fort Greene.

Jennifer Wood exclusively spoke to NBC 4 New York about that day she went out on a jog, when a car hit her and sped away, sidelining the once active runner for weeks.

“Came out of nowhere,” Wood said. “I broke both of my bones at the wrist. It also knocked my jaw out of place.”

Surveillance video on that Sunday afternoon shows Wood’s dangerous run-in with the vehicle, a car she says stopped briefly. The driver got out to see what had happened, but quickly got back into the driver’s seat and floored it.

Wood was left lying in the street, a scare that turned her from a victim to an investigator.

“I was in a lot of shock and I was in a lot of pain, too,” she said. “I went to all of the places that were near the intersection where it happened and asked store owners if I could look at the footage.”

It was then when Woods obtained the video that shows what she believes is a black Subaru with New York license plates smacking into her. Wood has since turned the video over to detectives, but no arrests have been made.

“I would really like to find this person,” Wood said. “I would really like to ask him why he left.”

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