Forklift Moved Parked SUV, Owner Says

A Brooklyn man was surprised to find that his parked SUV had been moved and even more stunned when shown a video of how it was relocated: with a forklift.

Henry Nahrwold says the unauthorized forklift ride, which occurred two weeks ago, caused about $2,600 in damage to his small SUV.

"I felt violated," he said. "You just can't touch someone else's property."

His vehicle was moved from a parking spot on South 3rd Street in Williamsburg and placed on the sidewalk next to a tree. Nahrwold said he had received no request to move his vehicle.

A neighbor showed him a video of the forklift picking the SUV about two feet off the ground and moving it to the sidewalk.

A company working on the redevelopment of the former Domino Sugar refinery site blames a subcontractor for damaging Nahrwold's SUV and told NBC 4 New York that Nahrwold will be compensated.

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