Ferry, Sightseeing Boats Bump on Hudson River

A sightseeing boat bumped into a ferry on the Hudson River Thursday afternoon, but no one was hurt, officials say.

The Circle Line boat and the New York Waterway ferry boat bumped fenders on the river near the 39th Street terminal in midtown, according to officials for both New York Waterway and Circle Line. 

The captains in both boats saw they were getting close to each other and were able to warn their passengers before the sideswipe, according to Circle Line CEO Danny Boockvar. 

Both boats were able to sail back to their own ports afterward -- the Circle Line to Manhattan, and the ferry to Weehawken Boockvar said. 

The Coast Guard is investigating. The Circle Line had no visible damage and will be back on the water after it's inspected, likely by Friday.  

New York Waterway operates ferries out of Hoboken, Weekhawken and other locations in New Jersey on the Hudson River side. Circle Line is one of the more popular sightseeing boat cruises in the city, with over 70 years in business, according to Boockvar.

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