Baseball Team Releases Cotton Candy Hot Dog, Horrifies Twitter Users

What to Know

  • The SeaWolves, a minor league team in Erie, Pennsylvania, created a cotton candy hot dog for a promotional "Sugar Rush Night" on Saturday
  • The team had several players try the hot dog, with one even allegedly saying "it's not that bad"
  • The creation has gone viral on social media, where fans have expressed horror and curiosity over the delicacy

Baseball teams are no strangers to off-the-wall food-related promotions.

Take the Staten Island Yankees, for instance: they're renaming themselves the Pizza Rats every Saturday this season. The Trenton Thunder, likewise, have been calling themselves the Pork Roll in honor of the Garden State's favorite potted meat. Even the New York Yankees have gotten in on the fun by creating foam art in beers.

But nothing could prepare fans -- and Twitter users -- for The Erie, Pennsylvania, SeaWolves' latest gambit: a hot dog with a cotton candy bun.

The Detroit Tigers' double-A affiliate hawked the nerds-covered franks as part of Saturday's "Sugar Rush" promotional night.

The team even posted videos of several players trying out the dog. One even allegedly said "It's not too bad."

But social media users had other reactions.

"We need another Ice Age," tweeted one person after seeing the photo.

Another chirped in, "showed my daughter & she said "That's a waste of cotton candy & Nerds!"

Others appeared to be at a loss for words, posting only GIFs of people with horrified -- or perhaps curious -- looks on their faces. 

The team had another promotional item for those who couldn't stomach the hot dog -- cotton candy-covered ice cream ball.

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