Empire State Building Gets Election Fever

As polls close, the top tiers will be lit Democratic blue or Republican red

Even the Empire State Building has Election Day fever.

The night before the polls opened, the top of the city's highest skyscraper lit up red white and blue … and now it gets interesting. The colors of the Empire State Building will change red or blue depending on who wins the presidential election.

As polls close tonight, the top tiers will be lit Democratic blue on the north and south sides, but Republican red on the east and west sides.

If Sen. Barack Obama is elected the next president of the United States , the Empire Sate Building will shine all blue on Wednesday night. If it's Senator John McCain, it will go all red.

But what if there's no winner by Wednesday?

The lights will stay split red/blue Wednesday night if there's not a winner yet, a spokeswoman for the Empire State Building told NBC.

The electricians will need some time to change the lights, but as of yet, there's no cut off time on when that decision needs to be made.
Assuming the election is sorted out, the tower's lights will go back to red white and blue on Thursday.

This is the first time the Empire State Building has celebrated a presidential election in this way, however, the building's lights have certain played politics before. The very first time a light was shined atop the building was in 1932, when a searchlight beacon was used to alert people that Franklin D. Roosevelt had been elected president of the United States.

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