Eggplant on Pizza? America's Favorite and Least Favorite Pizza Toppings

Study shows that pepperoni is the most favorite pizza toppings while anchovies are the least favorite.

Thin crust, Chicago-style, deep dish? Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, pineapples? We’re all unique in our own ways and we all enjoy our pizza in a different way. 

As we celebrate National Pizza Day on Saturday, marketing research firm YouGov took a look at what Americans picked as their favorite and least favorite toppings.

Pepperoni pizza took the lead as Americans' favorite toppings while anchovies -- not so much. It was the least popular pizza topping.

See the results provided by YouGov below:

The top four favorites were:

1. 52% Pepperoni

2. 34% Sausage

3. 31% Mushroom

4. 20% Bacon

The least favorites were:

1. 49% Anchovies

2. 30% Eggplant

3. 24% Pineapple

4. 24% Artichokes

Wondering about pizza crust? According to YouGov, different parts of the US seem to enjoy different types of pizza crust. Regular crust is popular almost everywhere, but especially in the Northeast. Thin-crust tends to be more popular in the Midwest and the South compared to the Northeast and West.

Surprisingly, deep-dish isn’t a particularly common pick throughout the country but it does find favorability in the Midwest, which includes Chicago: home of the deep-dish pizza.

So what’s your favorite type of pizza?

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