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‘I'll Stop Him, Officers!' Domino's Pizza Guy Thwarts Fake $50-Chucking Robber Escape, Delivers Pie on Time: NYPD

What to Know

  • A Domino's pizza deliveryman helped cops catch a robbery suspect on the Upper West Side last week, according to an NYPD Facebook post
  • Police were looking for several suspects in connection with a theft; they spotted one and he ran off, chucking fake $50 bills as he fled
  • The pizza guy said, "I'll stop him, officers!" and pulled his bike in front of the man, delaying him just long enough for cops to catch up

A Domino's pizza deliveryman stepped in to help cops catch an alleged burglar in Manhattan last week, yelling "I'll stop him, officers!" and pulling his bicycle in front of the suspect to give the NYPD time to catch up on foot, authorities say. 

In a Friday Facebook post, the NYPD said one of its teams was out looking for suspects they say stole a woman's AirPod headphones on the Upper East Side March 29. They were about to give up after an hour-long search, when they spotted one of the alleged robbers. They told him to stop. 

He didn't listen, and started running across West 72nd Street toward Broadway, throwing fake $50 bills from his pockets as he fled, police say. The Domino's worker saw the chase in progress and stepped in with his bicycle, delaying the suspect just long enough for the officers to safely take the man into custody. 

Police say they learned the suspect, who has seven prior arrests for crimes including robbery and grand larceny, also allegedly used the fake bills at two stores to buy cheap items -- for the sole purpose of getting real cash as change. 

"Yeah, he's in jail now, and we're told the pizza guy still managed to honor the 30-minute delivery guarantee on the pie," the Facebook post from NYPD's 20th Precinct said.

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