Dog Owners Get Ruff Break at Lux Hoboken Condos

Eli Manning, NJ Gov. Jon Corzine own properties in building

Time to put your pup on a diet or move out.

More than a dozen dog owners in a posh Hoboken apartment complex where Giants quarterback Eli Manning and New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine own properties have until Saturday to get rid of pets that weigh more than 25 pounds or face fines of up to $500 per day, according to a published report.

Studio apartments at the Hudson Tea building, which runs right along the waterfront with a stunning view of Manhattan, start at $500,000. So imagine what it'd be like to live there for some time and suddenly find out that your favorite Fido is no longer welcome.

One 28-year-old financial adviser who had lived in the building for about a year and was considering renewing his lease with the option to buy now faces quite a quandary. 

"You're going to fine me $500 a day for a dog that no one has told me I couldn't have?" the tenant, who has a 2-year-old 55-pound labrador, told the Cliffview Pilot.

The tenant told the paper he specifically asked management if anyone had complained about his dog and they said no.

"I guess it's the rules," the tenant said of the no-pet-weighing-more-than-25-pounds policy. "But I didn't know about them. And nobody's enforced them."

Well, management appears bent on enforcing the rules now.

The lab owner's neighbor apparently faces an even worse predicament. The neighbor bought his condo earlier this year "and nobody said anything to him for six months" about the dog policy, the lab owner told the Cliffview Pilot. "He's going to have to give [away] his dog or put up him for adoption. Or he's going to have to sell his place."

A letter from the condo association told the lab owner he'd have to get rid of his dog by Oct. 31 or face steep fines, but the tenant said his landlord worked some magic and negotiated the terms so he could stay – with the dog – until his lease ends at the end of November, reports the Cliffview Pilot.

Still, he has no option to renew. At this point, maybe he wouldn't even want to.

"To think, I was going to buy in this building," the tenant told the Cliffview Pilot.

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