Man Abandons Dog Outside NYC Animal Hospital, Video Shows

The man appears to make a sign of the cross as he walks away from the abandoned dog, video shows

An old, neglected dog was abandoned outside an animal hospital in Manhattan Sunday and its veterinary rescuers are desperately trying to find other options for the dog before having to euthanize it.

The chow chow was left outside the Riverside Animal Hospital on West 108th Street by a man who's later seen on security video walking away, appearing to make a sign of the cross.

The veterinarians who rescued the pup guessed the man simply didn't know what else to do with the dog. 

"It was emaciated, it was very weak, dehydrated," said Georgia Weber, the veterinarian who treated him. "All its fur was matted together. Three technicians spent four hours clipping it." 

The dog was looking better Tuesday but was still weak and trembling -- though all the attention did get his shaved tail wagging just a bit.

"There are always options," said veterinarian Phillip Raclyn of the poor treatment of the dog. "He didn't want to, but there are always options." 

Raclyn says the dog's chances of survival are slim and doubts it will be adopted. His clinic isn't equipped to keep the dog, and Raclyn is asking for donations to send him to a farm upstate where he can live. Otherwise, he will have to be put down next week.

Donations can be made by calling the Riverside Animal Hospital at (212) 865-2224. 

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