French Bulldog Jumps Off Lower East Side Roof and Crashes Through Car Sunroof

What to Know

  • A dog jumped off the roof of a Lower East Side building and crash-landed through the sunroof of a parked car Friday.
  • The owner of the dog found the Reddit post and weighed in.
  • The dog is alive and recovering.

A French bulldog jumped off the roof of a Lower East Side building and crash landed through the sunroof of a parked car Friday, sparking an incredulous Reddit thread on the incident.

Reddit user must_be_the_mangoes posted a picture of someone pulling a dog through the sunroof of a car and detailed what happened. They said they were walking down Orchard Street around 11 p.m. on Friday when they heard a crash and a scream.

“I saw it in person and I’m not sure I believe it myself,” they said on Reddit. “The crowd gets closer to see the sunroof completely smashed in and a dog standing in the cockpit. 30 seconds pass and a panicked woman comes flying down the stairs of an apartment building, climbs onto the hood of the car and pulls the dog out through the sunroof... as depicted.”

jolieCapture 2
Jolie Kerr
Jolie Kerr posted this image to Twitter. "Hi no joke I just watched a dog fall off a roof into the sunroof of a car. The dog seems okay? His people got him and are taking him to be looked at but holy s***. This is my arm rn."

Twitter user Jolie Kerr said she was standing right next to the car when it happened. She posted a picture of her scratched up arm, stating she wasn't sure if it was from the glass hitting her or from helping get the dog out. 

"I am fine and more importantly, the dog is fine too!" she told NBC 4. 

The owner of the dog found the post and weighed in.

“Hi, I am the owner,” Reddit user heiny_and_winst said. “Winston was rushed to the nearest animal hospital immediately after falling 6 stories from our apartment building’s roof. He has a cut on his hind leg that has been stitched, but miraculously did not break a single bone in his body.”

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The owner explained that after removing his leash when they entered the building, Winston the dog bolted upstairs. The roof access door was open, and he leapt out onto the roof and off the ledge.

“It’s an absolute miracle that he is alive right now,” they continued. They posted a picture of him recovering in an oxygen chamber.

"Poor guy, it was a terrible accident but he was a champ," Kerr said. 

Heiny_and_winst said they were grateful for the post.

“This entire posting has been therapeutic for me in a way, so thank you,” they said. “Also I’m trying to stay positive through the anxiety of it all and some of these comments had me laughing out loud so I’m grateful for the comedic relief and lightheartedness, given that I think he’s going to be okay.”

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