D-Day Rally Becomes Protest for Gay-Marriage Supporters

When organizers of a D-Day rally planned Tuesday's event, they didn't know if it was going to be a celebration or a protest.

And once California's Supreme Court ruled to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage, the march from Greenwich Village to Union Square took on a tone of protest.

"The purpose of the demonstration is to show there's solidarity across the nation," organizer Heath Tucker said. "This happened in California, but we are fighting the good fight here in New York and we're all fighting the good fight across the nation."

Several hundred marched Tuesday night, but Catholic League spokesman Bill Donahue said his group's opposition to gay marriage will not change.

"God meant that a man would marry a woman ... not two men," he said. "It just simply denies nature when you try to jimmy the institution of marriage."

A Siena poll out Tuesday showed registered New York voters are evenly split on the issue, a sharp change from just a month ago. Forty-six support gay marriage, and 46 percent oppose it. In April, proponents held a 53-39 edge in the same poll.

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