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Queens Man Gets $120K Watch Stolen, Back of Head Slashed During Garage Robbery

Perhaps even worse, the man believes he's not the only victim the robbers have struck, with several of his friends with similar watches having recently been attacked and robbed

Cuts on back of man's head
NBC New York

He had ice on his wrist, while the robbers had ice in their hearts.

A Queens man is offering a reward after getting attacked inside the parking garage of his apartment building, and having the $120,000 watch he was sporting stolen from him.

The man, who only wanted to be identified as David, says two men wearing masks were waiting for him as he got back to his Long Island City home Thursday night. He believes the dastardly duo had been watching him all day in a brazen set up.

"They followed me while I'm going to work, from there they probably stood by my office and stood there throughout the day to see where I go," David told NBC New York. "The thing is I had a feeling ..the whole day i had a feeling that something is not right, someone is after me."

David said that two two left deep cuts to the back of his head that left his shirt bloody. After pinning him in the backseat of his car, David said the two violent thieves ripped off his Audamars Piguet watch right from his watch.

The two took off down the steps, running out a side door before hopping into a getaway car that was waiting for them outside. Perhaps even worse than the brutal attack he suffered, David believes that he's not the only victim — with several of his friends with similar watches having recently been attacked and robbed.

"There's someone out there that's targeting all of us, it's definitely the same people that [are] targeting us," David told NBC New York. "Could be a crew, they targeted all my friends and a lot of them are jewelers."

While he has already filed a police report, David is also taking some manners into his own hands after posting on social media about a $50,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information. He says he has been receiving tips on that post, which he is passing on to police.

"I cant sleep at night, I'm having nightmares of the way they approached me with the guns," David said. "I haven’t slept since that day."

He said he has also hired private investigators to look into the robbery. Police are investigating the incident.

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