Carjackers Surround Driver at NYC Gas Station, Threaten to Kill Victim: Cops

Police say surveillance video shows three men wanted in connection to a carjacking at a Harlem gas station.

A group of men surrounded a driver at a New York City gas station late at night and threatened to kill the man if he didn't surrender his car, according to a report by police.

The 26-year-old driver was stopped at a gas station in Harlem on West 145th Street a few minutes after midnight Saturday when he was approached by the group, police say.

The driver was getting into his Toyota Rav 4 when he was surrounded. That's when police say they forced the 26-year-old "to get out of the car by threatening to kill the victim." Police say no weapons were displayed by the suspects.

After the victim stepped out, the three men jumped inside and drove off with his car eastbound on West 145th Street.

The department released surveillance video of the three men wanted in connection with the carjacking.

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