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Anti-Semitic Graffiti Drawn All Over Interior of Queens Man's SUV in Jewish Nabe

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A man who said he often leaves his car unlocked in his Queens neighborhood may now have to change his habits after finding the inside of his SUV covered in anti-Semitic and other graffiti.

Jonathon Davidov now has to use blue tape to cover up multiple swastikas drawn in pen which he discovered all over the interior of his 2019 Infiniti SUV Monday morning.

"I can't look at it man, I can't look at it. It's disgusting, it's appalling. I had tears in my eyes when I saw this," said Davidov. "This is New York, not Nazi Germany."

Davidov says the damage was done sometime overnight while his car was parked out front of his home in Fresh Meadows, with the vandals breaking into the car with the doors not locked. In addition to the anti-Semitic symbols, other hateful messages and vulgar language was scrawled on seats, arm rests and head rests. There were also strange smiley faces left in most areas, along with some puncture marks in the leather.

"This all has to be replaced, the seats have to be replaced. They cannot wash it off," Davidoff said.

Police are investigating the incident along with the NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force. Law enforcement is taking a look at security cameras others in the community have, to see if any recorded the incident. No arrests have yet been made.

While others in the neighborhood are disturbed by what happened to one of their neighbors, some also weren't shocked something like that would happen in the Jewish neighborhood.

"I'm not shocked, I'm troubled that this happened here. We are very concerned with security in the neighborhood," said one neighbor. "Anti-Semitism is something that has reared its ugly head again."

There have been at least nine anti-Semitic incidents and attacks in and around the city in recent weeks, including a deadly shootout at a Kosher market in Jersey City and the Hanukkah attacks in Monsey.

Timeline of Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks

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