Coney Island Whitefish Chase the Swimmers Away

From bikes to Brooklyn beaches

Get your morning scoop on two very busy chefs, free bike rentals from a fashion store, a self-sustainable floating platform, a delicious gourmet market and a gag-inducing pic of Coney Island Whitefish in today's local blog round-up.

  • The Busy Chef restaraunt chain just continues to get sucked down the drain with its problems, its observers say. Just this past Wednesday partner/owner/attorney Alan Young was disbarred, and now the word got out that chef Dan Kaufman was arrrested for stealing a credit card from a friend back in January. Sure are busy bees, aren't they? [McBrooklyn]
  • The cool new kid in fashion town, Topshop, will start lending out bikes from its Soho store at no cost to riders. The program's only slated to run through the 27th, but they'll have photographer Nicky Digital roaming the store to catch shoppers & riders in their "bike-chic" to remember that time they wore bike shorts in public for months. [Style]
  • A team of artists and other sustainability experts will be spending the summer on the Waterpod, a self-sufficient habitable floating platform that's currently docked at the South Street Seaport. To survive on their own, the team will have pedal bikes for electricity, a garden for food, a water purification system and even a small family of chickens for eggs. [Flavorwire]
  • The owners of Bay Ridge's Robicelli’s Gourmet Market are expanding the palettes of residents in the former "restaurant capital of Brooklyn" with their new grocery store on 86th Street. Between the co-owners, they've got the second-best cupcakes in Brooklyn and one heck of a bacon tattoo. [Brooklyn Based]
  • A reader of DItmas Park spotted two floating little "fishies" lured out by the strained sewage system. The beaches are said to have been "closed off and on all month" due to the abundance of dirty Whitefish, so keep your wetsuits on until the weather clears up or just go swimming in your kitchen sink.  [Ditmas Park]
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