10 Pennies Worth $1,000 Each Hidden Around New York City

What to Know

  • A financial services firm has dropped 10 special pennies around the city.
  • If you find one marked 'Lucky You', you may be eligible to claim $1000.
  • The company is putting up clues each day, to make the pennies easier to find.

Find a penny, pick it up. All day long, you have good luck.

An online financial services firm is taking that adage to the next level with a nationwide “lucky penny” challenge.

The company Ally has started the competition that drops 100 “lucky pennies” in 10 different cities -- 10 pennies per city -- including New York.

The people who find the lucky pennies - marked "Lucky You" - in each city are eligible to win $1,000 per coin.

The company is offering a clue through social media and online to find the pennies. You can find daily clues by clicking here.

Two clues have already gone up for the New York pennies, and it pays to know your United States history.

"Every penny honors our 16th President. This Manhattan green honors our 4th," the first clue reads.

A spokeswoman for Ally said there are no hidden fees or requirements for sign-ups, and the company simply wants to shed light on thrifty spending.

The competition started on Tuesday and is open until Dec. 31.


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