College Student Wins City Election With Facebook Campaign

Politicians might not need those million dollar campaign commercials to rally voters.  College student Ace Antonio used a tool that was far less expensive-- Facebook

Antonio was elected to the Paramus Board of Education after campaigning on the social media site.  Boasting 300 followers in its first day, his page was a big success for his bid.

Antonio,a freshman at William Paterson University, used the site to post his platform, events and when he would be campaigning in a specific neighborhood. 

Nineteen-year-old Antonio was encouraged to run for office by former teachers and friends, according to New Jersey Newsroom

He past political involvement included being his high school graduating class officer, high school senator, Principle Student Advisory Board Member and Student Ambassador Chairperson before graduating from Paramus High School in 2009.

Among other education initiatives, the newcomer hopes to increase community service opportunities for students during his term.  

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