City to Get Rich Off the Internet Too

Even the city is starry eyed over the prospect of making millions online. Lucky for us, it's latest get rich quick plan doesn't involve eBay and a few holy-looking grilled cheeses.

Rather, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is expected to approve a .nyc web domain for businesses in the city, and the city will benefit by generating "millions of dollars per year through the system just by giving its permission to allow .nyc to be created," reports Crain's New York.

Aside from a few million bucks in New York's pocket, the passage of the .nyc domain name could potentially benefit thousands of New York businesses as well, assisting in the nation-wide online Google wars over valuable web addresses.

"A local business won't have to outbid a guy in Kansas to get,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said. “They'll be able to get TonysPizza.NYC, a name associated with the greatest city—and home of the greatest pizza—in the world.”

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