Change Not on the Menu at “Obama Fried Chicken”

Brooklyn restaurant manager won't budge

One man's tribute to America's first black president is regarded as an insult by others.

But Wednesday, the manager of "Obama Fried Chicken" is refusing to change the name of his Brooklyn restaurant.

"We love Obama," said restaurant manager Mohammad Jabbar. "The name's not changing."

City Council Member Charles Barron led a protest outside the restaurant this week.

"What's next, Obama Watermelons? It's racist. It's wrong," Barron said.

Barron and Mayor Michael Bloomberg rarely agree, but appear on the same side on this topic.

"You'd think they could find a more appropriate name," the mayor said. "I'll let the president worry about that. If that's the biggest thing he's got to worry about, he's doing a pretty good job."

The White House issued a statement that says it "disapproves of using the president's name for commercial purposes."

Barron said protests will continue, but in a neighborhood where there are plenty of choices for chicken, whether it keeps the name likely depends on what the customers want.

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