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Meet the NJ Couple Who Has Celebrated 50 Wedding Anniversaries at Burger King

For their 50th, on June 22, the couple got an extra special surprise with their Whoppers

What to Know

  • A Monroe, New Jersey, couple has celebrated every one of their 50 wedding anniversaries at Burger King
  • The tradition began when they were running late for a show in New York City in 1969 and has continued ever since
  • This year, their children and grandchildren surprised them when they went to get their Whopper meals

This is one whopper of a love story.

For each for the last 50 years, Lloyd and Sandi Howard have been celebrated their wedding anniversaries at Burger King, according to NBC's "Today" show.

The Monroe couple began celebrating at the fast food chain because they were running late for a show in New York City on their first anniversary, on June 22, 1969, the report said. They said they were again heading somewhere on their second anniversary and decided to stop in another Burger King for lunch.

"I forget where we were going, but it was around lunchtime, and we realized that it just happened to be our anniversary," Lloyd told "Today." "We just figured — maybe for good luck — that we’d just keep going back on our anniversary."

Since then, a meal at Burger King has been a tradition, through sickness and health. The couple dropped in for a meal on their daughter's high school graduation day when it fell on another anniversary, and Lloyd even got drive-thru meals one year when Sandi was under the weather, according to Today.

For their 50th, on June 22, they got an extra special surprise with their Whoppers. "Today" reported that the two daughters, and six grandchildren were waiting to celebrate with them.

"They were all there, and they'd never met us at Burger King before — it was a total surprise," Sandi told Today. "We were just floored. The most important thing was to be with them."

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