Bullets Fired Into Children's Bedroom in New Jersey Home

A family is rattled after bullets were fired into a children's bedroom in a Paterson apartment Friday, missing two sleeping girls by inches.

Valerie Freeman put her 11-month-old granddaughter, Brooklyn, and her 9-year-old cousin to bed Thursday night.

The family was fast asleep when bullets suddenly flied into the Riverside Terrace apartment at 3 a.m., located at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Alois Place.

Police found four gunshots in total, including one crashing through the wall above the baby's bed and into the dresser, another shattering the bedroom window.

No one was injured.

"I'm very, very angry but I thank God that it didn't hit my grand baby," said Freeman.

Freeman's extended family in Atlanta is urging her to leave Paterson after the close call.

Neighbors said the police surveillance camera mounted near the apartment complex at a parking lot, which could have captured footage of the shooter, does not work. 

Police are continuing to investigate.

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