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Suspect Caught in Bronx Raid That Turned Up Drugs, Guns: Sources

Police have arrested 38-year-old Richard Laugel

What to Know

  • Law enforcement are searching for 38-year-old Richard Laugel in connection with a drug raid executed at his Bronx home Tuesday
  • Authorities found handguns, assault weapons and silencers, along with pills and chemicals indicative of a drug operation
  • The culmination of the long-term investigation by Homeland Security also brought NYPD and ATF to the scene

The man wanted in connection with a raid that turned up large amounts of drugs and guns at a Bronx home Tuesday has been located, law enforcement sources say.

Richard Laugel, 38, was arrested inside a Pelham Bay apartment building on Hobart Avenue Wednesday, sources said. A building superintendent who didn't want to give his name said, "They came, they banged on the door -- he came to the door, he opened up the door, had his hands up."

"It was real quiet. He came out quietly," the super said, adding that the suspect's girlfriend lived in the apartment. 

Neighbor Cathy Butler said she saw police take out a man in handcuff, with a jacket or scarf over his head. 

Laugel resided fulltime at the Palmer Avenue home where Homeland Security, NYPD and ATF on Tuesday found chemicals and pills indicative of a drug-manufacturing operation. Authorities also found silencers, handguns, machine guns and assault weapons, along with several explosive devices.

The super at the Hobart Avenue building told News 4 he'd noticed Laugel for several months, coming and going from the apartment. He also heard noises coming from the unit.

"My apartment was underneath them, so I was hearing the machines," he said. "It sounded like a treadmill was going on, every night like a treadmill going on, that's what it sounded like. Then it would stop. Then it would start again." 

It turned out to be machinery allegedly being used as part of a drug-manufacturing operation; News 4 cameras captured it being carted out of the Hobart Avenue apartment Wednesday. 

Laugel was already facing charges of trying to blow up a rival gang member's car in March 2016. He was due in court next week for a hearing in connection with the alleged attempt to blow up the vehicle. He had been out on $100,00 bail. 

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