Bouncing Baby Rhino Debuts at Bronx Zoo

Baby rhino could grow to be as heavy as 4,600 pounds...

A cute and not-so-cuddly baby rhino is the newest bundle of joy being unveiled at the Bronx Zoo today.

“We are in the middle of our own baby boom at the Bronx Zoo,” said zoo director Jim Breheny.

A lion cub and a baby giraffe have been born recently at the zoo, and the zoo plans to announce more births soon, said spokesman Stephen Fairchild. The newest rhino is the second to be born at the Bronx Zoo in the last five years.

The calf is an Asian one-horned rhinoceros named Krishnan. The little guy weighed in at 150 pounds at birth and could grow to be as heavy as 4,600 pounds like his proud papa, Vinu. He was born Oct. 6 and stays in the Wild Asia habitat with his mother, Kali.

Asian one-horned rhinos can be found in northern India, Nepal and Bhutan. They are endangered due to many factors, including poaching, loss of habitat and general population growth, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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