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Body Cam Footage, Frantic 911 Calls From Bronx Subway Platform Shooting Released

The video shows one of the officers approaching the armed suspect right before nearly 10 gun shots can then be heard ringing out

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The New York Police Department released body cam video of a police-involved shooting involving a man firing a gun on a Bronx subway platform.

Before police responded, a woman's shaken voice can be heard on 911 calls telling law enforcement about the armed man, telling dispatchers "There's a guy in the train station. He's got a gun and he's shooting."

Video shows Officers Michael Gonzalez, Lauren Southwell and others as they respond to reports of shots fired at the 225th Street Station in the Wakefield section after midnight in October.

The officers run up the stairs to the elevated platform, with Gonzalez asking a person at the station if they heard shots fired. He continues up to the platform level, gun drawn as he finds the suspect hiding behind a storage container.

Nearly 10 gun shots can then be heard ringing out, as the officer tries to approach suspect Richard Richard. Gonzalez retreats to take cover on the stairwell, firing one more shot.

Southwell's body cam shows her rushing up the stairs and firing once as well, as gunshots can be heard on the video.

A photo from the crime scene shows Richard's .38-caliber semi-automatic handgun behind the container where he hid. One live round was found in the chamber, and four more in the magazine with one casing discovered at the scene.

Richard was injured in the shooting but recovered. He pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, and is scheduled to be sentenced in February.

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