Man in White Sox Hat Robs 1 Bodega Each Month in Manhattan: NYPD

Police are looking for an armed man in a White Sox baseball cap who has robbed one bodega a month on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side since November, tying up employees before making off with cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets.
The first robbery linked to the suspect was the evening before Thanksgiving, when he entered a store on 84th and Lexington Avenue at about 8:30 p.m.
Police say he took more than $2,000 in cash and more than than $1,500 worth of scratch-off lotto tickets and pre-paid phone cards.
The following month, on a Tuesday evening on the Upper West Side, the suspect robbed a grocery store at 72nd and Broadway.
In January, he hit a newsstand at 77th and Broadway on a Thursday night, police say. There, he took more than $4,000.
The most recent robbery was Saturday, Feb. 15. The suspect was back on the Upper East Side, at a bodega on 87th Street and First Avenue, where he made off with $2,000 in cash and cigarettes.
In each case he has displayed a gun, police say. His Chicago White Sox hate is black with the word "Chicago" across the front.
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